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The next time you board a modern jet airplane observe for a moment the innumerable rows of rivets required to fasten all of the various component parts together. Before you start to guess their numbers realize that for every visible rivet there are hundreds that you can’t see, and each needs to have a hole drilled to fit into. Accordingly, the remarkably versatile Tight Fit® Drill Kit can trace its origins back to the “early days” of the aircraft industry and the need to drill holes in areas with extreme space limitations. And they had to be perfect holes!

To accomplish this, various refinements have been made to produce the type of drilling attachments and precision drill bits which are a part of this kit. In a world where the size of things from cars to computers is getting smaller everyday, there is an increasing need for tools which function comfortably in tight spots. Our knuckles and frustration levels are beginning to demand them! The drill bits supplied with this kit are identical with those supplied to industry and meet or exceed the National Aerospace Standards. These tools, if used correctly, should give the user years of dependable service.

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