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The Function Of Threaded Shank Tools

Threads on the shank of a cutting tool eliminate the need to have a chucking mechanism for holding the tool, the user can work in limited space areas. A threaded shank eliminates tool slippage in the chuck. The seating surface on the threaded adapter allows concentricity tolerances to be maintained. Further, the time required to change tools is significantly reduced while an exact length of tool from the power drill is maintained.

TightFit® threaded shank drill bits are ideally suited for angle tool, flex drive and precision multiple drill uses among a growing number of other industrial applications. As the world grows smaller, the need to work in more confined spaces is increasing. Many times the threaded shank tool provides the only way to effect a repair on a fabricated part, short of complete disassembly. Many manufacturing situations could be more efficiently accomplished with threaded shank tools.

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