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90 Degree Right Angle Drill Attachment Tight Fit Hex Bit Kit

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  • Attaches to any power drill/screwdriver; Recommended operating speed not to exceed 2500 rpm.
  • Light weight; Right angle tool weighs 1/3 of a pound and rotates 360 degrees for tight-spot access.
  • Design allows “deep reach” in confined areas.
  • Use standard 1/4″ hex tools and power bits.
  • Tool is fully reversible (operates in forward and reverse direction)
  • Limited warranty, 30 day no-risk trial.



The Model 00110 Kit includes: a versatile close-quarter, 90 degree, Right Angle Tool Attachment capable of drilling up to 1/4″ diameter holes and compatible with all standard power drills/screwdrivers; six aircraft quality TightFit® power hex drill bits in the following clearance diameters: 3/32″ long, 1/8″ long & short, 5/32″ long & short, and 3/16″ short; and four power screwdriver bits in the following sizes: #1 & #2 Phillips and #2-4 & #6-8 slotted.

The Tight Fit® Hex Bit Kit can be purchased on a “Risk Free” trial basis. You will be able to make repairs and installations in near-impossible locations. Often, with its first use, the kit pays for itself in time and frustration saved. For example, the ability to drill-out a broken bolt in a tight spot can save hours. And, with care and maintenance, the kit should provide many years of trouble-free use. Suitability: Great for home, work, car, boat, RV and other repairs, installations and restorations. Note: drill bits comply with National Aerospace Standard 907B.


To reduce the chance of gear failure and to extend tool life, please follow these suggestions.

1. Reduce RPM speed and drilling pressure at drill “break through”.
2. Drill small holes first and then enlarge the holes progressively.
3. Peck drill deep holes to clear chips from the flutes.
4. Coolant use will extend tool life.
5. Re-point drill bits when they become dull.

CAUTION: Always wear safety glasses when using these tools. Do not exceed 2500 RPM. Keep tools out of the reach of children.

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